Post Harvest Research Centre was established in 1989-90 with assistance of ADP/UNDP. The Post harvest technology deals with “produce management after harvesting till consumption” and to maintain quality during storage in order to obtain the maximum market price. The major objective of this Research Centre is to conduct Research and Development work on postharvest quality, safety and marketability of fresh horticultural produce and to extend the research based information to the farmers and exporters.



In 2008-9 Food Technology Section and Bio-Chemistry Section were brought under the umbrella of Post Harvest Research Centre. The Food Technology Section was established in 1968 with the objective to carry out research and development studies on processing, preservation and development of new value added products from various fruits and vegetables. This section has potentially contributed in value addition by developing food products and has trained thousands of human resources both male and female in food processing and preservation techniques. Pilot scale production and sale of various food products is another allied objective, helping to popularize the use of good quality food products among the masses, as well as to deposit handsome income annually to the government treasury.

Accordingly, Bio-Chemistry Section undertakes research, relating to nutritional evaluation of crops and provides analytical services to the farmers, scientists, industrialists and Research Institutions for quality testing of their research materials and products. It also develops strategies for utilization of agro-industrial products, by-products and wastes and evaluates nutritive values of different varieties of fodder crops for animal feeding.


  • Post harvest Research Centre under Agriculture Department has a mandate to provide technical assistance on post harvest management of fruits and vegetables
  • Minimizing post harvest losses and increase the availability of quality produce for domestic and export market
  • Dissemination of Postharvest management technologies for various fruits and vegetables
  • Achieving food security and poverty alleviation.
  • To conduct research and development work on post harvest technology and current food-based national issues with more emphasis on fruits & vegetables preservation , processing and value addition 
  • To produce various innovative/functional/nutritious food products at pilot scale level


  • To conduct R & D work on post harvest technology of fruits & vegetables
  • To develop innovative storage technologies for indigenous Fruits & vegetables
  • To modernize cold stores
  • To introduce grading & packing technology among local community
  • To conduct local training & demonstration programmes
  • To render advisory services to enterprises & growers  

Future Plans

  • Standardization of CA protocol for mango, Apple, Litchi, Tomato, peas and Gauva.
  • Development of calibration for non destructive quality evaluation of fruits on NIR
  • Determination of optimum maturity indices for harvest of vegetables
  • Fresh cut fruits and vegetables-bitter gourd, peach, apple, cucumber, carrots
  • Development of edible wax for fruits-strawberry
  • Dehydration of fig and grapes to produce raisins and dehydrated figs.
  • Integrated post harvest management of pests to enhance marketable period of fruits (chemicals, Irradiation, HWT, CA, MAP, MCP