Following are the achievements of the institute:

Post Harvest Technology

  • Shelf life of mango varieties, Sindhry, Summar Behisht and Safaid Chounca were extended upto 32, 28 and 40 days respectively
  • Disinfestations of kinnow mandarin were carried out at  2.2 o C with RH 90 % for a period of 14 days as required by China and Iran
  • Irradiation Techniques were successfully used to extended shelf life of onion upto 180 days with no sprouting/rotting
  • Controlled ripening of tomato was done with ethylene for colour development during the winter season
  • Introduction of grading & packing standards for major fruits & vegetables
  • Cold store modernization resulted 15 –25 % energy saving
  • Research & development trials to develop appropriate storage technology for mango, citrus, potato, onion etc. for extension of shelf life
  •  Developed Mobile Air Blast Pre Cooling Unit.
  •  More than 3600 persons were trained during last five years through training & demonstration programme through out the Punjab

Food Technology

  • Designed and fabricated tunnel dehydrator through  local resources
  • Developed and standardized carbonated soft  drinks (orange, lemon lime and cola)
  • Standardized different doses of antioxidant for shelf life extension of potato chips
  • Developed value added olive products i.e., olive pickle, preserve and oil
  • Developed and standardized various kind of fruit based product i.e. squash,  soft drinks, pickles, syrup, jam jelly etc.
  • More than 5500 persons were trained in fruit and vegetable preservation during last five years through out Punjab


  • Developed the best economical doses of different fertilizers for obtaining maximum yield and good quality fodder corps
  • 290 samples of different sugars cane verities/ lines were analyzed for their quality characteristics 
  • Nutritional quality evaluation of 203 samples of cereals crops, 162 samples of fruit and vegetables and 153 samples of fodder crops during 2008-09