Oilseed Research Sub-station, Mianwali

Oilseed Research Sub Station Piplan was established in June 2000 as oilseed research Sub Statin. Different Research Trials related to oilseeds crops are conducted at ORSS Piplan. Seed multiplication of approved verities of major oilseeds crops is also carried out at ORSS Piplan.

Research Activities

Different trials of oilseeds crops are conducted

  • Seed multiplication trials of Brassica
  • Seed multiplication trials of Sunflower
  • Seed multiplication trials of Sesame
  • Zonal varietal trial and Micro yield trial of Brassica
  • Zonal varietal trial of Sesame
  • Zonal varietal trial of Linseed

Contact Us

Senior Scientist
Phone: 0459-251220 / 0345-7079341