Weed Eradication Seminar, Walk & Demonstration held on August 6, 2018 at AARI, Faisalabad

In connection with, “Weed Eradication Week”, a seminar was organized in the auditorium of AARI, Faisalabad on 06.08.2018. About, 400 persons including farmers, extension workers and research scientists participated in the seminar. The seminar started with recitation from the Holy Quran. Ch. Abdul Hameed, Director Agri. Extension threw light on the significance of losses being caused by different weeds to various field crops and highlighted the need of controlling weeds as a special campaign. Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Akram, Director Agronomy, AARI Faisalabad delivered presentation on the deleterious effects of weeds infestation on non-crop lands. In addition to showing intensity of indirect losses caused by weeds to different field crops, he also mentioned the ways of controlling weeds from non-crop lands. Mr. Muhammad Ashiq, Assistant Agronomist (Met.) Agronomic Research Institute, AARI Faisalabad highlighted the magnitude of weeds infestation and losses being caused to different Kharif crops including cotton, rice, maize and sugarcane. He also described methods of cultural and chemical weed control from the mentioned crops. Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Qureshi, Director Bio-Technology, AARI Faisalabad in his concluding remarks admired the presentation given by the speakers and said that the seminar lectures were very informative and useful for the farmers and extension workers. At the end, Dr. Ghulam Mehboob Subhani, Director (Research), AARI Faisalabad who chaired the seminar on behalf of Worthy Director General Agri. (Research) thanked the participants and the speakers for attending the seminar. Thereafter, awareness walk was held and all the participants of seminar participated in the walk. The walk was led by Director Agriculture Extension, Director Research, Director Agri. Bio-Technology, Director Pulses and Director Agronomy. At the end of walk, practical mechanical (hand driven tractor, brush cutter) and chemical weed eradication demonstration was managed at Cotton Research Station AARI, Faisalabad.