Soil & Water Testing Laboratory for Research, Multan

The office of Soil Fertility Officer (zinc) is working under Director Soil Fertility Soil is the basic requirement to grow all kinds of crops in the field. All field crops require all kinds of elements without which the plant can not complete its life cycle completely. There are major two stages of crops growth i.e. vegetative growth and Reproductive growth. Each growth period require different kinds of Nutrients. There are 16 essential nutrients which are required by the crop. (CHO NPKS, Ca Mg Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Na), different crop require different kind and quantity of the elements required by the plants. Each element has a specific function in the life cycle of plants. i.e:

  • N is required for vegetative growth of the plants 
  • P is required for root and fruit development and energy reaction in the biochemical reactions


To increase the yield of crops in the farmer field. To get the economic yield of all the crops. To get the good quality crops with low inputs. It will increase the yield on national level and contribute the GDP of Pakistan.


 To plan and coordinate research Trials as different crops in Central Thal zones.  

Research Activities

  • To conduct the fertilizer trials in the field.
  • To test the crop for different nutrients under different Agro ecological zone.
  • To improve the quality and quantity of different crops from adding different Nutrients.
  • To choose the time of inputs applications for different orchards and crops.
  • To test efficiency of different inputs launched by different companies.
  • To formulate the recommendations of fertilizer dose and sources for different crops.

On-going Research Activity

Monitoring and supervision of Kharif trial conducted in the region

Completed Research Activity

Supervision of Research trials of Cotton, Rice, Jower, Maize trials

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