Mash occupies an important position in Pakistan’s agriculture. It grows on marginal land where other crops perform poorly. Being leguminous, it demands less nitrogenous fertilizer, and fits well as source of protein (25-30%). The worldwide yield of mash (including Pakistan) is very low because mostly indigenous land races are cultivated and also because the crop is often grown on marginally fertile land with insufficient water.

Pulses Research Institute, AARI, Faisalabad

Varieties Developed

Year of Release

Yield Potential

Salient Characters

Mash 88 1988 1800 Long duration, disease resistant
Mash 97 1997 1700 Short duaration, disease resistant
Arooj 11 2011 1900 Erect, disease resistant

Barani Agricultural Research Institute, Chakwal

Name of Variety

Slaient Features

Chakwal Mash Released in 2000, high yielding, short duration, uniform maturity and tolerant to diseases