Soil and Water Testing Laboratory for Research, Layyah

District Layyah was given an independent administrative integrity of District w.e.f. 1982. Now about 50% of the cultivated area of the District is canal irrigated and rest of is irrigated by tube well water due to shortage of canal water. Keeping in view the interest of the all farming community, the Govt. of the Punjab, established a Laboratory at Layyah District in 1985-86, under the head of “Soil and Water Advisory Services in Layyah District” which has started its physical works since May, 1986 and since then is providing advisory services to the farmers.


Maintenance of the soil fertility status of the soils to get maximum crop yield by physico-chemical analysis of soil and water samples of the district. Soils are becoming nutrient deficient by intensive cultivation and planting of high yielding varieties. Therefore, assessment of soil fertility is essential for food & fiber crops. Soil testing is a chemical / physical measurement which includes fertilizer recommendations and reclamation of salt affected soils through application of proper amendments.


  • Evaluation of Soil Fertility status i.e. organic matter (Nitrogen), phosphorus and potassium in the district and preparation of site specific fertilizer recommendations
  • Provision of advisory services on soil and water problems of the district
  • Diagnosis of salinity-sodicity hazards
  • Feedback to Provincial Agriculture Department on all the above mentioned business as per time to time instructions

Research Activities

Advisory Services

  • Site specific fertilizer/amendments recommendations
  • Reclamation of problem soils
  • Improving Fertilizer Use Efficiency
  • Accessing water quality and nutrient status for advisory services to farmers

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