Agronomic Research Institute, Faisalabad


The objective of seed testing is to determine the quality and potential of a seed lot, which can then in turn be used to compare the quality of different seed lots and also estimate field planting values. Therefore, to meet these standards a well-equipped and internationally accredited Seed Testing Laboratory was needed. Therefore, this Lab was got accredited for ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in 2018.


ISO 17025 accreditation standard is the symbol of competence and reliability on performed tests for a lab. After getting this standard, Seed Testing Laboratory results are now acceptable worldwide. After scope extension of the lab for other tests, provision of quality seed to the farmers will be ensured.


Plant Physiology Section, Agronomic Research Institute, Faisalabad


Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Akram
Agronomic Research Institute,
Ph: 041-9201676