Statistical Section is playing an important role in Agricultural Research. Appropriate designs are suggested to Agricultural Scientists keeping in view the No. of factors, the objectives of the experiments, area and experimental material available. The data of research experiments are subjected to analysis by applying suitable statistical techniques. The results arrived at, are conveyed to the research officers concerned with statistical interpretation. Various research disciplines are evolving crop varieties and introducing new technologies and this section is equally contributing to these developments by providing them statistical services.



Mission & Objectives

  • Statistical Section, in collaboration with agri. scientists, aims to achieve the highest standards in agricultural research that is being conducted under different institutes of Ayub Agricultural Research Institutes, Faisalabad. The main objectives of the section can be classified as under:- 

  • Designing the layout of field and laboratory experiments conducted at Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad and Research Stations attached to it in all over the Punjab.

  • Physical verification of layout of experiments conducted at Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad and other Research Stations attached to it in the Punjab.

  • Statistical analysis of data of research experiments and interpretation of results.

  • Vetting of Annual Research Program of work of all the Research Institutes under aegis of Ayub Agricultural Research Institute.

  • Maintenance of the data regarding area, production and yield of different crops.

  • Training of Research Scientists of Ayub Agricultural Research Institute on data analysis and interpretation of results