Establishment of Tissue Culture Laboratory at Horticultural Research Station and provision of missing facilities at Regional Agricultural Research Institute, Bahawalpur


Pakistan is 7th largest producer of Datepalm. The main obstacle towards rapid development of Datepalm industry is development of its nursery propgules on rapid and mass scale. The mass production of Datepalm nursery plants is only possible through its tissue culture technique. Therefore, it is in need to jump over this hurdle through establishment of tissue culture lab. 


Major technology aspects that will be covered are standardization of ex-plant source and its meristem culture, standardization of rooting and shooting growth media in vitro, hardening and acclimatization of plants in lath house and optimization of juvenile growth. Once the aforesaid techniques will be standardized then the proposed lab will be able to produce tissue cultured Datepalm nursery plants every year in bulk quantity thus providing plants for future plantation.


  • Rapid multiplication of the plants
  • Plantation of better quality plants in the area
  • Improve in socioeconomic condition of farmers
  • Increase in yield and quality of farmers produce