Development of Hybrids and Open Pollinated Varieties in Vegetables Resilient to Climate Change


Vegetable Research Institute, Faisalabad is handling more than 40 vegetable crops, out of which 26 crops are under breeding program. Scientist to crops ratio is poor at the Institute so problems are being faced during breeding activities in different vegetable crops. Cost of production is increasing due to climate change, and on the other hand quantity and quality of produce has also been severely affected. To solve the problem, a large number of experiments and genotypes are to be tested. Handling of breeding material for such a large number of crops at one site is not possible.


To solve the problem of poor crop to scientist ratio and to develop new varieties and hybrids resilient to climate change, two more stations have been proposed so that crops could be grown according to their requirement for evaluation against climate change problem.


The varieties and hybrids developed under the project will help the farmers in harvesting better crops under changed environmental conditions. Farmers of the province might be able to harvest 15 % better yields with least expenditure due to genetic flexibility of the new hybrids and varieties developed under the project. Resultantly, living standard of farming community will be uplifted due to better net returns from the vegetable crops.