Establishment of Cotton Research Station, Rajanpur to Strengthen Cotton Research in Southern Punjab


Cotton is mainly growing in 19 districts of Punjab. Rajanpur occupies important position in South Punjab. Cotton is a major crop of Rajanpur/DG Khan and the livelihood of people is mainly dependent upon this crop. This district has a vast ginning industry. Moreover, cotton cultivation is being shifted from Central Punjab to South Punjab۔ This cotton belt has been ignored in the past and needs priority for boosting cotton production. Therefore, strengthening of cotton research through development of Cotton Research Sub-Station is dire need of this region which will boost overall cotton production and improving fiber quality.


  • Strengthening of Cotton Research in southern Punjab.
  • Developing zone-specific varieties for Rajanpur.
  • Provision of quality seed to the growers.


  • Increase in cotton production 
  • Increase in cotton area 
  • Increase in average yield
  • Increase in farmer’s income