Horticultural Research Station, Nowshera

Horticultural   corps   are   the only panacea for provision of suitable livelihood in unprivileged areas of Punjab. Scientific research on high value fruit crops can play a pivotal role for increasing of production and revolutionizing the economy of poor masses in the Barani area. Horticultural   crops make one third of total agriculture over the globe. A reasonable foreign exchange is being earned annually from this sector in Pakistan. It is labor intensive field and if adopted on scientific footing it can contribute a lit for development of national economy and poverty alleviation in remote areas of the Punjab. New vision of progress and prosperity may be explored through proliferation of fruit industry in pothohar areas and it contiguous parts. Orchards establishment of approved varieties of deciduous fruits can prove successfully for increasing per capita income in this region. It is also helpful for economic use of water to harvest maximum potential of the areas and increasing cost benefit ratio in particular pockets, which have soothing agro climatic condition. Horticultural research station Nowshera is working since 1984 on the same grounds and contributing a lot for development of the area. Promising fruit varieties of Apple, Almond, Peach and Plum are available with the station. Good infrastructure still want its strengthening regarding the research facilities to cope with the increasing demand of fruit plants in Soon Valley and its allied areas. High quality, true to type selective pedigree plant material and its multiplication will be helpful to increase the per unit income of farmers community and cater export standard limitation of the new WTO regime.


  • Collection, maintenance and evaluation of germplasm.
  • Standardization of appropriate production technology for deciduous fruit crops.
  • Propagation of true to type fruit plants and their dissemination.
  • Introduction and development production technology for Saffron.
  • Introduction of drought tolerant  fruit crops

Research Activities

  • Introduction, evaluation, and selection of fruit varieties.
  • Establishment of progeny gardens in soon valley.
  • Multiplication of  true to type nursery fruit plants and its distribution.
  • Research trials on scion / stock compatibility of deciduous fruits.
  • Establishment of GPUs for Peach.
  • Standardization of  cultural and plant protective measures of different hill fruits.
  • Value addition of olive i.e. Pickle, Murabba, Sherbat, Jam and bakery products.  

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