Horticultural Research Station Bahawalpur

Horticultural Research Station Bahawalpur, previously Sub-Station under the administration control of Horticulturist, Dera Ghazi Khan was established in 1982-83 under a development scheme “Intensification of Research on Horticultural Crops”. A square of land was acquired from Deputy Director, Agriculture Extension Bahawalpur. Different strains of fruit plants were collected and planted in the area to search out the best-suited ones for future fruit varieties. A fruit plant nursery was also established on limited scale in limited resources. An ADP scheme “Additional Facilities for Date Palm Research at Bahawalpur” was started during 2002-2003. Office & residential buildings were constructed and 25 acres were acquired from sister organizations for date palm germplasm collection and scientific research. In July, 2003, the sub-station was upgraded to station where scientific research is being conducted on different aspects of fruit plants as well as advisory services are also being rendered to the farmers of the southern Punjab region.. A PARB funded project “Micropropagation of date palm through tissue culture” was started during 2010. Explant material (suckers) of different date varieties are being provided to collaborating organization (NARC) for micropropagation of date palm

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