Research Activities

Following are the research activities of the institute:


  • Conduction of trial on various problems/issues on different fruit crops
  • Research and development programs will be focused on improving productivity of fruit crops that will increase farmer’s profitability
  • Dissemination of technology package to develop a culture for export oriented quality production
  • Provision of pedigree nursery plants to the progressive growers

New Vista

  • Introduction of high yielding and disease resistant varieties.
  • Evolution of salt tolerance rootstocks and screening of suitable fruit crops in saline soils.
  • Research activities towards the production of less seeded/seedless varieties of the fruits.
  • Earmarking of zones for specific fruit crops.
  • New potential varieties of guava, fig, falsa, grapes, jaman, litchi and pomegranate will be selected/acclimatized, characterized and catalogued.
  • Standardization of asexual propagation techniques for production of pedigree plants via soft wood cuttings and grafting.