Horticultural Research Institute, Faisalabad

What are the times of fertilization application? Top
FYM + P + K (full dose)        Dec-January
1/3 N                    Before Flowering (Feb.)
1/3 N                    At pea stage (April)
1/3 N                    After Harvest (Aug-Sept)
What practices should be carry out during frost? Top
Light irrigation during frosty nights, Fogging and pasting of lime on the stems of plants.  
What are the causes of low production in orchards? Top
  • Non availability of true to type plants
  • Low Organic Matter
  • Saline Soils
  • Uncertain weather conditions during flowering   (Fog, frost, Rains etc.)
  • Use of unfit tube well water
  • Faulty intercropping
  • Inadequate and imbalance fertilizer application
  • Poor plant protection measures
  • Non judicious irrigation
  • Low grade nursery plants
  • Mechanical injury to the plants during hoeing & ploughing.
How fruit fly can be control? Top
  • Prompt disposal of unmarketable fruits.
  • Ploughing under trees during winter to expose and kill the pupae.
  • Apply 5-6 methyl Euginol traps/acre and change methyl Euginol 10-15 days interval.
When to plant a new fruit tree? Top
The season of planting varies with different fruits and local conditions. There are two seasons of planting in vogue in Pakistan.
  • Autumn    (Sep - Oct) and
  • Spring     (February - March)

Autumn season is considered to be the best for planting evergreen fruit trees like citrus, mango, Date Palm, Litchi and guava.
Deciduous trees may be planted during the dormant period without shock. Care should be taken that planting is done before the growth starts, otherwise trees suffer severely and will be in poor condition to withstand the next hot weather. Evergreen fruit trees like citrus, mango, Date Palm, Litchi and guava can also be planted in Spring season.

Which season is suitable for pruning of fruit trees? Top
Evergreen fruit plants should be pruned right after fruit harvesting. While, deciduous fruit plants should prune at the end of winter season means before the beginning of spring season  
What are the pruning tips for fruit trees? Top
  • Sharp shears make for clean, easy cuts.
  • As a measure of disease prevention, dip the blades of your pruning shears in solution of isopropyl alcohol for 30 seconds to disinfect them before moving on to prune another tree
  • Clean up the pruned wood from around the tree and dispose — especially if it contains any diseased material.
Which points need to be considered while purchasing plants from nurseries? Top
  • Points need to be considered while purchasing plants from nurseries
  • Plant should be free from insect and disease attack and must be healthy
  • Age of the plant should be from 1-2 year and of 2-3 ft height
  • Graft union must be 6-9 inch above ground level because in graft union below 6 inch, there is a chance of soil contact that can lead to disease attack. If the union height is above 9 inch, wind can break the union.
  • Evergreen plants must be transplanted with their earthen ball.
  • Selection of variety must be made according to the climatic conditions of that specific area as recommended by Agriculture Department.
How can pomegranate splitting be prevented? Top
Splitting of pomegranate is a serious issue in Punjab. Selection of wrong variety, sandy soil, more rains and difference in day and night temperature are the main reasons of pomegranate splitting. To control this problem choose those varieties having resistance against fruit cracking. After fruit setting soil should be in “Wattar” condition. Use proper dose of fertilizers and spray KNO3 @1 %+ Boric acid at 0.3%.  
What are the reasons of Guava wilt and its remedies? Top
The development of symptom rate is varies. Firstly, there are wilting on the leaves that locate at branched tip in the upper canopy have appear. Wilt and dried of all leaves occur just within 2 until 4 weeks and cause the tree to look scorched. The fruit development be detained and become mummify on the tree. The disease is soil borne.
If the disease is due to Phytophthara fungi then use RODOMIL at the rate of 2 gm/ft2 under the tree canopy. And if the disease is due to Fusarium fungi then use TOPSIM-M at the rate of 3 2 gm/ft2 in tree roots.