Hill Fruit Research Station, Muree

Hill Fruit Research Station Murree is the premier research center in the Punjab Province for temperate fruits and is endeavoring hard for the progress and improvement of plantation of high quality fruit in Murree area where apple, pear, plum, cherry, walnut, pecan nut, apricot, avocado, persimmon, loquat and other hill fruits are successfully produced. This area is a treasure trove of potential for the propagation of olive and production of avocado and other high value deciduous and temperate fruits in the present scenario of world’s changing environment for trade through CPEC.

Research Activities

  • Propagation of Avocado Through Cuttings Using Different Concentrations of IBA
  • Propagation of Avocado By Different Techniques of Grafting
  • Varietal Comparison of Different Varieties of Avocado at Lower Hills of Murree
  • Performance of Different Olive Varieties at Lower Hills of Murree
  • Strengthening of Gene Pool of Walnut Through Selection of New Varieties at Lower Altitude
  • Improving The Quality of Strawberry Fruits by Planting In Raised Pvc Pipes
  • effect of different rooting media on the propagation of olive plants through cuttings
  • response of different olive varieties on the rooting of their cuttings at murree
  • effect of different times on the true to type propagation of avocado through aerial layering

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