Sugarcane Research Institute, Faisalabad


What is type of soil selected for cultivation of sugarcane? Top
Sandy Loam and clay loam soils are the best for good production of sugarcane.  
What is type of Agricultural implement used to brake hard pain in soil? Top

Sub-soiler should be used for this purpose.

What are the advantages of chisel plough? Top
The main function of chisel is to loose and aerate the soils for water and roots penetration deeply  
Which is sowing season suitable for more sugar production? Top
More sugar is found in autumn sown sugarcane.  
Which is age of seed of Sugarcane best for sowing? Top
The seed of spring sowing sugarcane having age of 8-10 month is the best for sowing.  
Which is type of plough suitable to remove stubbles? Top
Mold bold plough.  
Which is the part of sugarcane best for seed? Top
Posterior part of sugarcane heaving length of 3-4 ft. is the best for seed.  
What are the measures to adopt in the selection of seed? Top
The seed should be healthy, disease free and of spring crop. The seed should not be selected from ratoon and lodged crop.  

What is rate of seed for thin varieties of sugarcane?

80-100 mounds / acre.  
What is the best temperature for germination of sugarcane? Top
What is distance in 4ft. apart sowing method between two inter rows? Top
8 inches.  
What are the early varieties of sugarcane? Top
CP-77-400, CPF-237.  
What are the varieties to sow in riverine areas? Top
CP77-400, CPF-237, SPF- 213, HSF-240.  
What are effects of over dose of nitrogen fertilizer in sugarcane? Top

The maturity of crop is delayed and crop is lodged.

Quality of sugarcane juice is detreated.

Sprouting of sugarcane

What is function of sugarcane trash? Top
It is a good source of organic is spread at the soil, acts, as mulch to control weeds and evaporation and save water. If the trash is rootavated in the soil increase the soil fertility to enhance nitrogen & Phosphorus in soil.   
How is red rot spread in sugarcane? Top
Red rot is spread when diseased seed of ratoon crop used in sowing.  
What is diseased field? Top
Major diseases of sugarcane such as red rot, whip smut, mosaic, red stripes and rust are appeared once in a field is called diseased filed.  
How is diseased field cured? Top
  • Stubbles and debris of sugarcane crop are removed after harvesting
  • The sugarcane crop is not sown in this field for one year and other crop is sown

Which is beneficial insect to control black bug and chinch bug?

Rove beetle.  
What is the time of crushing after harvesting of sugarcane? Top
Crushing should be done after harvesting of sugarcane immediately otherwise sugar recovery is deteriorated