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What is post harvest technology? Top
Techniques applied to agricultural commodities after harvest till the consumption for the purpose of preservation and conservation of quality and quantity.  
What are the post harvest activities? Top
Postharvest activities include harvesting, handling, storage, processing, packaging, transportation and marketing. Losses of horticultural produce are a major problem in the post-harvest chain.  
What is the importance of post harvest management? Top
The most important advantage of post-harvest management and processing is the reduction of post-harvest losses of fruits and vegetables.  
How post harvest losses can be reduced? Top
Assess maturity, avoid injury, keep your produce cool and proper storage.  
What is post harvest packaging? Top
The stage of crop production immediately after harvest is called postharvest handling, which includes various procedures like cleaning, sorting, grading and packing. This ensures a consumer get the right food material which in turns gives good return to its producers.  
What is meant by post harvest losses? Top
Post-harvest losses occur between harvest and the moment of human consumption. They include on-farm losses, such as when fruit is harvested, transported, loaded, unloaded and marketing.  
Why is cleanliness and grading important? Top
The consumer is interested in buying cleaner and better food commodities. And this is how farmers can get better value in the food market. Cleaning and grading methods are adopted based on the physical properties of the products to fetch better price.  
What is the difference between low temperature and atmospheric controlled temperature? Top

CA storage
This technology is used to store at low temperatures to preserve fruits and vegetables at the changed ratio of gases. Oxygen level is reduced and carbon dioxide level is increased so that fruits and vegetables may be stored for longer periods of time.

MA storage
In this technique fruits or vegetables are sealed after packing and stored at low temperatures. In this way the proportion of cases inside the sealed pack changes and their subsequent life is extended.

What are post harvest losses? Top
When the product obtained cannot be handled properly after harvesting, it results in post harvest loss. Reasons for postharvest losses include maturity ignorance, inadequate harvesting method, non-selection of shade space, use of improper packing and grading from unskilled labor.  
What services does the Post Harvest Center provide? Top
The post harvest research center provides people with information on when and how to harvest a produce, how to handle in the field, basic training on the sorting and grading process, how to use appropriate methods in the pack house and then how to store in the cold store. So that produce can be safe for a long time.  
What kind of  analysis are being done in a post harvest center allied stations? Top
Various types of agricultural commodities are being analyzed in the allied stations of the Post Harvest ResearchCenter.  
What agricultural commodities are being reviewed in a allied stations of Post Harvest Research Center? Top
Agricultural commodities such as fodder, grain commodity fruits and vegetables etc.  
Does this department also provide services to farmers? Top
Yes! The organization provides working information to farmers through various seminars and workshops which benefits the farmer greatly.  
Food Technology  
What Food Technology Section does? Top
Food technology section works on preservation, processing and distribution of value added fruit and vegetable products to provide safe food among masses.  
What are Food Technology Products? Top
Various fruit squash, jams, tomato ketchup and marmalades are manufactured and sold in food technology section. Filtered water is also available at low price.  
What is the timing of Food Technology Section sale point? Top
Food Technology Section sale point remains open from Monday to Friday at 9.00 am to 5.00 pm  
Does Food Technology section provide trainings on food processing? Top
Yes, this section conducts 15 days in-house training for females on food processing and preservation once in a year. Moreover, we provide trainings in different vocational and other institutes throughout the Punjab.  
Biochemistry Section  
What type of analysis has been performed by this section? Top
We analyze crops for proximate analysis (dry matter, crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber and NFE).  
What type of crops/ products is being analyzed in this section? Top
Fodders, grains, feeds, fruits and vegetables.  
Is the press mud used for soil application? Top
Yes, it may be used in normal soil as organic matter source in addition to fertilizers.  
What type of services is being provided by this section? Top
This section provides proximate analysis services to sister organizations.  
Is this section provides any service to farmers? Top
We provide services to AARI Scientists/ AARI Institutions and any other applicant directed by DG Agriculture (Research).