Departmental Libraries

Wheat Research Institute, AARI, Faisalabad

The Library continues to improve the service it offers. It is open 5 days a week, supporting a library service from 8.0 am to 4.0 pm. Library collection includes books, research papers, articles and newspapers which provide vital support for researchers, students, and staff, complementing research and academic activities.
No of books: 500
Incharge library:
Javed Iqbal,
Assistant Agronomist,
Cell: 00923216650282

Rice Research Institute, Kala Shah Kaku

The books in the library of the institute covers various disciplines like plant breeding and Genetics, Botany, Zoology, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Soil Science, Agronomy, Engineering, Food Technology, Computer, Accounts etc.
No. Of books and other related material
More than 2000 books, journals, reports etc. are the part of the library. Moreover, digital library (ebrary) contains more than 1165 ebooks.
Incharge contacts
Dr. Arshed Makhdoom Sabir
Assistant Entomologist
Mr. Ghulam Rasool

Vegetable Research Institute, AARI, Faisalabad

No. of Books : 230 on various aspects of vegetables production and breeding
Other Related material :
Booklets on vegetables production, tunnel farming and kitchen gardening
Pamphlets related to vegetables production
Daily Jang and Daily dawn news paper
Tahir Ashraf
Statistical Assistant

Pulses Research Institute, AARI, Faisalabad

Books: 106
Administrative Technical Reports PRI, Fsd: 14
SAARC Journal: 16
Ayub Agri. Research Inst. Annual Reports: 18
Journal of Agri. Research: 30
Pakistan Agriculture (Issue): 2
Pakistan Journal of Agri. Research: 10
Medicinal Plants (Booklets): 19
Advance Agriculture(Booklets): 2
Agriculture News (Booklets):12
Farmers Digest (Booklets): 13
Farmers World (Booklets): 4
Agriculture Digest (Booklets): 1
Muhammad Aslam Awais
Cell#: 0334-4164204
Office#: 0419201695

Maize & Millets Research Institute, Yusafwala, Sahiwal

In House library was established facilitate the researchers in 1968.

No. of Books:             500
Khalid Mehmood
Assistant Statistician
 Contact: 03217086096

Fodder Research Institute, Sargodha

706 number of books and generals
Soil Salinity Research Institute, Pindi Bhattian
This institute is maintaining a library with collection of 674 relevant books and journals. In addition, there are number of newsletters, zaratnaama and technical reports. 
Mr. Muhammad Sarfraz,
Mob: 03226051915

Food Technology Section, AARI, Faisalabad

No. of Books: 27
Other related materials: 29
Shazia Saeed
Contact No. 041-2550813

Barani Agricultural Research Institute Chakwal

Library at Barani Agricultural Research Institute Chakwal was established in 1979 along with establishment of the institute. Initially, the books and research journals were donated by main library of AARI Faisalabad. As the objective of BARI is to device techniques and technologies for development of agriculture in rain fed areas of Punjab, so the literature about rain fed agriculture is continuously being collected or purchased from various sources. At present the institutional library has vast collection of literature on different aspects of rain fed agriculture. These include books (1646), research journals (383), research reports (281) and magazines / digests (1808).
Dr. Muhammad Ijaz

Institute of Soil Chemistry & Environmental Sciences

Department of soil chemistry has a good library having two sections; one is of Directorate and second is of Soil Chemistry. There are a lot of books, are available related to soil chemistry, fertility, environmental pollution, organic farming and soil physics.
No. of Books: Direcorate library has 27 Books, while Soil Chemistry has 373 books.
Other Related Material: Soil Surveys reports, scientific Journals and Abstracts, proceedings and annual reports.
In charge
Mrs. Sadia Sultana (Assistant Research Officer)
Contact: 041-9200745, 041-9201692