Fertilizer Analysis

Our soils are deficient in nitrogen and phosphorus whereas the deficiency of Potassium is noted in 40 percent area. Out of micronutrients, zinc is most deficient followed by Boron and Iron. Therefore the application of these nutrients in proper ratio will surely improve the health of the crops and increase the yield.  Presently, in general the farmers are using only nitrogen and skip the use of phosphorus or its use is not according to the Agricultural Department recommendation. At present the overall use of NPK fertilizer is 54 kg/ acre of Nitrogen, and 13 kg/ acre is of phosphorus in Punjab and the use of potassium and micronutrients is negligible. The balance use of fertilizer has a key role to maintain the health of plant and hence the plant is less vulnerable to diseases. The Rapid Soil Fertility Research Institute is making all its efforts to eradicate fertilizer adulteration from the province to increase the yield, improve the quality of crops and provision of standard inputs to farmers. To achieve this goal eight Fertilizer Regulatory Laboratories are working at divisional level in their respective jurisdictions (Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, DG Khan, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad). These Labs analyze fertilizer samples under FCO 1973 to control the adulteration and provide advisory analysis service to farmers for fertilizer analysis. These labs are working according to International Standard and accredited from Pakistan National Accreditation Council, Islamabad for ISO-17025.  The farmers can use fertilizer after getting the analysis from these labs, so the yield and quality of crops will be improved after using the standard inputs.  

How to Avail Service of Fertilizer Analysis?

Farmers can analyze their fertilizer samples from any of the Soil & Water Testing Laboratory for Research at Divisional level after the payment of fee. For solid fertilizer, a homogeneous sample fertilizer weighing about 500g is required and for liquid a homogeneous sample about 250ml in clean plastic bottle (not already used/ contaminated) should be submitted for analysis. The fee schedule is displayed at the reception in each lab.

Provincial Reference Fertilizer Testing Lab

This laboratory is meant to improve monitoring mechanism for the supply of best quality fertilizers and implementation of FCO, 1973 in real spirit to eliminate adulteration. The person to whom report has been delivered by the fertilizer testing labs may challenge the correctness of the analysis before the Additional Secretary (Task Force), Govt. of the Punjab, Agriculture Department and produce such evidence which in his opinion contravenes the correctness of such analysis. Where the evidence produced is such as in the opinion of Additional Secretary (Task Force) justifies a further investigation, he may send a 2nd portion of the same sample to be analyzed at the reference lab. After analysis of the sample, the reference lab shall report the result of test or analysis and such report shall be conclusive evidence of the facts stated. Finally, the reference lab shall send the report test to the referring authority.

Application for Registration of Fertilizer Material 


Dr. Shahid Javed
Phone: 042-35394499
Provincial Reference Fertilizer Testing Laboratory, Raiwind