Beekeeping Training Services

The art of rearing honeybees is called beekeeping. Beekeeping has a great importance. We not only get honey from honeybees but also get bee wax, propolis, pollen, Royal Jelly and bee venom. These byproducts have also great importance. Honeybees play an important role in pollination that results in increase of production of many crops and fruits. Considering the above-mentioned importance of beekeeping, beekeeping courses are organized in Beekeeping & Hill Fruit Pests Research Station, Rawalpindi, so that the interested people and the persons related to this industry may get benefit from these courses. This helps to boost their life standard and also to contribute in the progress of the country.

How to avail this Service?

There is an advertisement in the Newspapers for the course. There is no restriction of gender for joining the course. No education is required for this. These courses are of five day duration and the participants have to be registered. 
There is no fee for the courses.


Beekeeping & Hill fruits Research Sub Station, Murree
Phone: 051-9292071