Research Activities

Following are the research activities performed at Entomological Research Institute:

  • Varietal screening experiments are performed on regular basis to find out comparatively resistant genotypes against insect pests and to provide the data for varietal approval
  • Studies on population dynamics of insect pests and predators are conducted to know the peak activity period of insect pests and predators to adopt timely control measures

  • Seed dressing with different insecticides is done to minimize the pest losses at foliar stage of the crop
  • Pesticides application on different crops is done to screenout the best chemical for recommendation against insect pests of field forage and horticultural crops
  • Pesticides standardization experiments are regular activity of the institute
  • Development of IPM technology of major crops, fruits and vegetables
  • Surveys are also part of research activities to explore beneficial and injurious insect pest fauna
  • Bio-control agents i.e., parasites, predators, botanicals and inert dusts are also tested against insect pests to minimize the pesticide load and to overcome the problem of insecticide resistance and pesticide residues in end product
  • Rearing of bio-control agents i.e., Trichogramma chilonis andBracon hebetorisfor in house experiments and public use

  • Studies on scenario of American foul brood and honey bee mite infestation in the apiaries and its control measures are under progress at Beekeeping and Hill Fruit Pests Station, Rawalpindi
  • Anti-dengue campaign and awareness seminars on dengue mosquito and its management are organized frequently
  • Farmer’s day/training workshops are also organized
  • Research findings are published in scientific journals, Zarat nama and National news papers