The Entomological Research Institute was established by upgrading the Entomology Section during 2003. Since its creation, the institute is actively engaged in research on different aspects of insect pest biology, ecology, toxicology, selection of insect pest resistant varieties and development of control measures. The dissemination of the knowledge generated by the institute on insect pests and their control through research papers, numerous farmer gatherings, participation in Anti Pest Campaigns, publishing book-lets, working on various research projects, providing advisory services to the farmers, agriculture extension workers and describe the active role of the institute in enhancing agricultural productivity by reducing pest losses with effective control strategies developed by the institute.


To generate appropriate technologies having cost effective, environment friendly and sustainable solutions to critical pest problems. Thus, reducing crop losses and contributing to increase yield and earnings.


  • Identification of insect pest problems of field crops, fruits, vegetables and stored grains
  • Screening of promising linesof major crops against insect Pest.
  • Standardization of pesticides
  • Exploration of bio-control agents
  • Technology for higher honey production
  • Devise pest management strategies
  • Transfer of plant protection technologies