Following are the achievements of the institute:

  • Spot eradication of cotton mealy bug through monitoring.
  • IPM of mango mealy bug by using v-shaped plastic traps and trapping of eggs by preparing mounds around the tree trunk.
  • Fruit fly control by pheromone trap + use of protein baits + sanitation + hoeing and destruction of infested fruits, debris and vegetables regularly.
  • Control of sugarcane borers by using granules at the time of sowing and earthing up.
  • Establishment of Trichogramma rearing Lab. at entomological research institute and provision of Trichogramma cards for experts and farmer use.
  • What aphid is controlled by intercropping of brassica line between 2-acre crop and around the crop.
  • Spot eradication of army worm spp. by collection of egg masses and spray on newly hatched larvae.
  • Control of rice borers by eradication of stubbles through rotavating of soil.
  • Control of sucking pests through seed dressing and use of botanicals during early crop stages of cotton and maize.
  •  Control of red cotton bug through insecticide flooding.
  • Determined the insecticides resistance in Helicoverpa, whitefly, Spotted bollworm, American bollworm, Pink bollworm against common used insecticides and advised the farmers to use the insecticides accordingly
  •  Developed technologies to produce artificial queens to enhance the honey yield.
  •  Determined the role of honey bees as pollinator on the different fruits and crops and farmers are advised to use honey bees for pollination.
  •  Identified effective miticides against vorra mite attacking honey bees
  •  Identified and rearing of Lac insects of 10 new hosts other than ber fruit plants
  •  Developed baits for control of rodents in fields and buildings
  •  Termite control in forest and orchards, trees, by pegging under the tree around the stem and filling of insecticides solution @ 10ml/L. of water and termite proofing of residential buildings and offices by drilling and drenching 2 feet apart along each wall