Cotton Research Station, Faisalabad

Research work on cotton was started under cotton research station Lyallpur (now Faisalabad), established in 1902. Cotton Research Station Faisalabad was upgraded as an institute in 1986. Again in March 2016 due to shifting of directorate from Faisalabad to Multan this institute was declared as Cotton Research Station Faisalabad. One Cotton Research sub-station, Jhang is working under this station. There has been a great contribution in cotton research system in Punjab province to meet the needs of farmers and other stakeholders.  About 35 to 45 research trials conducted in each cropping season on various aspects of cotton. 




To strengthen research activities for increasing Cotton Productivity in non-core areas.


  • To develop high yielding cotton varieties having Disease resistance (CLcuD and BLB), Drought tolerance, Heat tolerance, Insect pest resistance and Early maturity
  • Broadening genetic base
  • Quality traits improvement
  • Expansion of gene pool
  • Medium stature varieties suitable for high plant populations
  • Varieties suitable for mechanical picking
  • Varieties which have high oil content
  • Research on advanced production technology

Research Activities

  • Crossing of Cotton varieties/breeding material for desired characters
  • Selection of desired plants/progenies from filial generation’s i.e. F1-F6.
  • Comparisons/evaluations of emerging strains against approved varieties for CLCuV, fibre quality, earliness, stress tolerance and seed cotton yield at various stages in PYT and AYT.
  • Seed multiplication by growing advance lines/strains on large scale
  • Testing of advance strains for zonal adaptability in PCCT and NCVT
  • Evaluation of strains/varieties under prevailing stress climatic conditions
  • Screening of cotton genotypes/varieties against insect pests and diseases i.e. bacterial leaf blight
  • Pest scouting and pest management of trials at breeding and farm area of cotton research station
  • Efficacy of different insecticides against different insect pests of cotton 
  • Monitoring of pest scouting campaign of cotton crop in Faisalabad District 
  • Optimum sowing date evaluation for advance strains
  • Population dynamic study of promising strains
  • Finalization of agronomic requirements like fertilizer, water, etc for advance strains/lines
  • Minimization of production cost through minimum tillage, zero tillage, balanced fertilization and fertilizer application methods.
  • Fibre quality analysis through HVI which is working under ISO protocols.

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