Research Activities

Following are the research activities of the institute:

  • Experiment on different rootstock, exotic scion varieties, role of inter stock & improvement of fruit size in Feutrell’s early are in progress
  • Experiment on different strains of seedless kinnow to see their seedless status
  • Evaluation of different chemicals against citrus canker, citrus scab, citrus melanose
  • Work on screening of different citrus varieties against citrus canker is in progress
  • Control of fruit fly through installation of pheromone traps is going on
  • Experiment on use of soluble & traditional fertilizer in citrus orchard
  • Studies of foliar feeding of Zn, Cu & B on yield & quality of citrus
  • Studies on influence of storage condition of keeping  quality of different mandarin varieties
  • Production of true to type certified nursery plants
  • Breeding in citrus started this year to evolve new varieties/nucellar plants
  • Implementing two ADP and one PARB Project