Following are the achievements of the institute:

  • On the whole 48 cotton varieties were evolved by Cotton Research Institute, Multan and its allied stations. During 2013-14 above 90% area was sown under the varieties evolved by this Institute in Punjab. Six varieties of Cotton Research Institute Faisalabad (2 Bt. + 4 Non-Bt.) during 2012 and Five Bt. varieties of this Institute were approved during 2013 by the Punjab Seed Council. Several Bt. lines containing Cry1Ac gene remained under various stages of testing with impressive results. This Institute variety FH-Lalazar stood first in National Coordinated Varietal Trial during 2013-14 on Pakistan basis. Current cotton varieties under cultivation namely MNH-886 and FH-142 having 4000-5000 kg/ha yield potential in the field of average progressive growers.Production technology of the new cotton varieties is being provided to the farmers evolved by this Institute.