Commissioned Research for Development of Cotton Seed

Duration  2016-17 to 2020-21
Total Cost Rs. 320.363 Million
Allocation for 2019-20 Rs. 95.569 Million 


  • Cotton Research Institute, Faisalabad  
  • Inadequate Seed Provision System
  • Diseases (CLCuV)
  • Pests (bollworms)
  • Weeds
  • Water
  • Biosafety Clearance issues
  • Production Technology
  • Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture, Multan
  • Establishment of greenhouse (off season generation advancement)
  • Establishment of tissue culture lab. (insertion of new gene and multiplication of transgenic plants)
  • Development of transformation system for insertion of new genes in cotton etc.
  • Molecular analysis of GMO lines developed through this project
  • DNA finger printing of germplasm and promising advanced lines (either at MNSUA Multan or at ABRI, Faisalabad

Physical Activities

  • Recording of desired morphological data of F2 GMOs at two locations (CRI, MN & CRS, FSD)
  • Raising of promising F3 GMO progenies in greenhouse at two locations (CRI. MN and CRS, FSD)
  • Raising of F4, F5 and F6 normal in field
  • Sowing of normal F5 generations and promising strains (Cry1Ac) in preliminary yield trial (PYT) and in field
  • Sowing of F4 GMO progenies in field at two locations (CRI, MN and CRS, FSD)
  • Testing of fiber quality on HVI      

Expected Outcome    

  • Yield Improvement (5 mnds/acre) on 2 lac acres
  • Reduction in cost of production
  • Reducing pesticide use for control of bollworms and armyworm
  • Reducing intercultural cost for control of weeds (Saving intercultural cost = Rs. 2000/- per acre) = 400 Million Rs.

Contact Us

Hammad Hussnain
Assistant Research Officer
Cotton Research Institute, Multan
Phone: 061-9200337
Mobile: 0333-1726434