Chickpea Kabuli

Chickpea has been the focus of research since the inception of systematic research work on pulses in Pakistan. Major importance to chickpea improvement was attributed because it contributes 70-80% to the total pulses area and production. Chickpea can perform well under conditions of moisture stress in marginal soils.

Pulses Research Institute, Faisalabad

Varieties Developed

Year of Release

Yield Potential

Salient Characters

Punjab-1 19401 1400 Good quality, medium seeded
Noor -91 1991 2500 Medium seeded, Erect
Noor-2009 2009 3000 Bold seeded,  Moderately resistant to blight

Barani Agricultural Research Institute, Chakwal

Varieties Year of Release 100 kernel wt.(g) Days to flowering
Pod length (cm)
Days to maturity
Yield potential (kg/ha)
Tamman 2013 31 142 1.7 2.6 75 180 2743