Beekeeping Research Sub Station, Lahore

Apiculture or beekeeping plays an important role not only by providing the honey used as food and medicine but also other products having numerous direct or indirect uses for the mankind. Honeybee is essential for the conservation of the natural flora and maintenance of biodiversity. The role of honeybees in the field of agriculture is also worth mentioning as besides producing honey, these render pollination services for crops, fruits and vegetables especially the oilseeds and fodder. Beekeeping Research Sub-Station is conducting research studies on domesticated honeybee ApismelliferaL. at Lahore. These research studies relate to the management of bee colonies during different seasons, selective breeding, honey production potential, identification and control of bee diseases and enemies and exploration of bee flora (natural sources of bee food) and floral pockets, in the Punjab. Popularization of Bee farming through different publicity media via; radio, personal contacts, exhibitions, short training courses, literature etc. is undertaken for the benefit of the interested persons.

Research Activities

Following are the research activities of the station:

  • Studies on the Scenario of Different Insect Pests and Diseases in The Apiaries
  • Capacity Building & Training Program For Beekeepers And Interested Persons
  • Efficacy of Different Vegetable Oils Against Different Seciesof Honeybee Parasitic Mites I. E. TropilaelapsClareae& Varroa Destructor

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