Beekeeping & Hill Fruit Pests Research Station, Rawalpindi

Beekeeping plays an extremely beneficial role for the services of mankind by providing honey, an elixir for life and many other products having multifarious uses in the daily life. The role of honeybees in the field of agriculture is also worth mentioning as besides producing honey, these render pollination services for crops, fruits and vegetables especially the oilseeds and fodder. Therefore, keeping in view its great significance, it invited the attention of Govt. of the Punjab for the creation of beneficial discipline. Consequently, Beekeeping & Hill Fruit Pests Research Station was established in 1981 as an independent Research Station of Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad; with its Research Sub-Stations at Murree, Hasanabdal and Lahore. The main objectives of the Research Station are as under:

  • Development of bee management techniques for higher honey yield
  • Exploration of bee forage plants and pockets
  • Assessment the role of honeybees in the pollination of crops/fruit plants
  • Identification of honeybee diseases, enemies & their effective/economical control measure
  • Organization of beekeeping training courses
  • Provision of advisory services to beekeepers
  • To devise effective/economical control measures against hill fruit pests

Research Activities

Following are the research activities of the station:

  • Evaluation Of Different Pluses As Protein Source In Pollen Substitutes And Pollen Supplement For Apis Mellifera During Winter Season.
  • Studies on the Scenario of Different Insects, Pests and Diseases in Apiaries.
  • Capacity Building & Training Program for Beekeepers & Interested Persons.
  • Comparative Efficacy Of Fluvalinate And Flumethrine Against The Control Of Honey Bee Mites Varroa Destructor
  • Comparative Study Of Oils Extracts Vs Powders Dust  For The Control Of Varroa Destructor
  • Evaluation Of Different Baits Against Hornets
  • Population Dynamics And Seasonal Distribution Of Fruit Fly (Diptera; Tephritidea)

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