Bio Chemistry Section, Faisalabad

Initially research work relating to Agricultural Biochemistry and Animal Nutrition was started at Chemical Section of former Punjab Agriculture College and Research Institute Lyallpur in 1909. A separate section of Agricultural Biochemistry and Animal Nutrition was established in 1954 with Agricultural Chemist-II, now Agricultural Chemist (Bio) as its head and shifted to present site with the establishment of Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad during the year 1961-62. This section was working under the direct control of Director General Agri (R) till 30-05-2009. During 2009-10, this section had been attached with Post Harvest Research Centre, Faisalabad. Now, it has been working under the control of Director, Post Harvest Research Centre. The main research activities are the nutritional quality evaluation of grain crops, fruits, vegetables and fodder crops. In addition, analytical facility for the quality assessment (proximate analysis) of products/varieties of crop specialists and various institutions of AARI, Faisalabad is carried out as per their requirements.


To carry out the research related to nutritional quality analysis of crops, fruits, vegetables and new varieties/lines evolved by crop specialist.


  • Nutritional quality evaluation of new & promising varieties of crops, fruits and vegetables evolved by crop specialists at AARI.
  • Evaluation of nutritive values of different varieties of fodder crops for animal feeding.
  • Use of agricultural and industrial wastes in crops productions.
  • Provision of analytical services to farmers, industries and various disciplines of Ayub Agricultural Research Institute for nutritional quality testing of their produce/products/samples.

Research Activities

Currently, this section is involved in research on following aspects of nutritional quality of moringa, quinoa, grapes, kharif fodder, aleo vera  and antioxidant potential of different fruits. The details of activities are as under;  

  • Assessment of antioxidant and nutritional potential of different fruits and vegetables.
  • Nutritional quality evaluation of different plum (Prunus domestica) varieties.
  • Effect of drying methods on the nutritional status of vegetables preserved by drying.
  • Quality comparison of carrot and sweet pea grown in specific areas with those grown in scattered areas of Faisalabad.
  • Nutritional evaluation of moringa (Moringa oleifera) leave and its comparison with other conventional fodders.
  • Nutritional comparison of quinoa (Chenopodiumquinoe willd.) flour with other cereals
  • Evaluation of nutritional status of different rabi and kharif fodders.
  • Enhancement of protein contents in gram by fertilizers management.
  • Differential response of mung bean genotypes towards nutritional quality due to microbial inoculation.
  • Effect of cutting interval on crude protein, fiber content and dry matter yield of alfalfa.
  • Nutritional quality evaluation of different grapes varieties.
  • Effect of microbial inoculation on nutritional quality of mash genotypes.
  • Effect of phosphorus on nutritional quality and yield of wheat.
  • Evaluation of quality differences in vegetables grown in tunnels (off season) and in field (on season).
  • Chemical composition of aloe vera with respect to seasonal variation

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