Arid Zone Research Institute, Bhakkar was established in 1991 for the uplift of agriculture in arid zone Districts of Bhakkar, Mianwali, Khushab, Layyah and Muzaffargarh. Important crops of this area are wheat, chickpea, guar and mungbean occupying 90%, 80% and 93% respectively of the total cultivated area of these crops in the Punjab Province. The breeding and release of high yielding new wheat, chickpea and mungbean varieties is a continuous process which covers a wide range of research activities involved in the evolution of genotypes resistant to biotic (rusts, bunts and other plant diseases) & abiotic (salt , heat, drought and frost ), wider adaptability and good quality characteristics. Simultaneously, development of package of production technology for newly developed genotypes is also a continuous process. Introduction of new crops, survey, collection, identification of insect pests, insects population dynamics of major crops and formulation of recommendations for their control are also the objective of this Institute.

Mission & Objectives

The main objectives of the Institute are:

  • Genetic improvement of crop varieties
  • Development of production technology
  • Control of diseases and insect/pests
  • Introduction of new plant types
  • Farmer’s advisory services