Following are the research achievements of the institute:

  • Developed the various planting techniques for water shortages, and to compensate late planting of wheat in the region as relay crop of wheat in standing cotton, ridge sowing, bed sowing, dry sowing, sowing under minimum tillage and in problem soils
  • Spot blotch on wheat variety Bk-02 was identified and reported for the Ist time in the region
  • A new local race of stem rust on wheat crop was got identified through DNA finger printing from Australia
  • Short term strategies for the control of newly emerging pest of cotton “Mealy Bug” was evolved by the Institute to sustain the cotton production. Integrated methods both the non chemical and chemical were identified for its effective control
  • Technique of rotavation of cotton sticks in to the field developed by this institute is popular among the farmers of this region. By this technique, not only the fertility of the soil is enhanced but also the hibernating larvae of pink boll worm are also crushed