Agronomic Research Station, Farooqabad

Agronomic research station Farooqabad (Sheikhupura) was established in 1984.  It was shifted to Farooqabad in September 1990. Total area of station is 23 acre out of which 18 acres are cultivated.

Research Activities

Following are the research activities of the station:

  • Chemical weed control in direct seeded rice (DSR)
  • Regional adaptability yield trial on coarse and fine rice varieties / lines
  • Rice-based cropping systems to improve soil fertility and sustainable productivity
  • Effect of time and application method of potash on growth and yield of (Super Basmati) rice
  • Yield performance of promising wheat strains under rice-wheat cropping system
  • Effect of irrigation schedule on growth and yield of linseed (Linum usitatissimum)
  • Foliar application of zinc on wheat at different growth stages
  • Comparison of different symbiotic and non-symbiotic bacteria on growth and yield of canola
  • Different rice stubble management practices in wheat.
  • Experiments on production technology of DSR.

Contact Us

Principal Scientist
Phone: 056-3876915