Agronomic Research Station, Bahawalpur

Agronomy is continually striving to improve the standard of lives of people around the globe. Incessant green fields of wheat, rice, maize, cotton, sugarcane, fodders, oilseeds and pulses do not grow fortuitously. Instead these crops need agronomic management to accomplish the achievable potential productivity. Concurrently, arduous work on the part of the grower, scientific and technological services by the agronomists are prerequisites to explore potential productivity of field crops. Punjab province has different ecological zones, which have their own problems and constraints in crop production. The project “Strengthening of Agronomic Research and Farming System in Punjab” was started in 1984 to elucidate causes of low yield and to solve problems for achieving potential productivity. All the development work completed till January 1987 and the station was equipped with agricultural machinery and equipment.


 Agronomy is the combination of science and art to get maximum production from per unit area which ultimately improves living standard of the farmers and serve the humanity


 To develop modern and improved production technologies for field crops, fodders, oil seed, cereals and pulses

Research activities

  • Effect of different sowing methods on the grain yield of new guar strains
  • Determination of last irrigation date in Bt cotton under varying climatic conditions
  • Determination of last date of nitrogen application in Bt cotton under varying climatic conditions
  • Efficacy of pre and post emergence herbicides in cotton
  • Growing organic cotton
  • Weed management in maize fodder
  • Phenology of different cotton genotypes under changing climate conditions in cotton-wheat cropping system
  • Residue management in cotton-wheat cropping system
  • Relay cropping of Bt cotton in standing wheat
  • Mechanical planting of cotton
  • Yield performance of Bt and non Bt varieties of cotton under provincial coordinated cotton trial (PCCT) under Bahawalpur conditions

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