Strengthening of Cotton Research In Southern Punjab Through Establishment of Cotton Research Sub-Station, Rajanpur

Duration 2019-20 to 2023-24
Total Cost Rs.216.720  Million
Allocation for 2023-24 Rs. 26.000 Million


  • Strengthening of Cotton Research in southern Punjab i.e. Rajanpur as it is a potential cotton growing district in Punjab.
  • Developing zone-specific varieties for Rajanpur.
  • Provision of quality seed to the growers

Implementation Design


  • Government of Punjab, Agriculture Department through ADP


  • Chief Scientist Agri. (Research), AARI, Faisalabad

Operation & Maintenance

  • Chief Scientist, Cotton Research Institute, Multan 

Civil work

  • Construction of Office Building, Construction of Residences BPS 18 (1) BPS 15-17 (1), BPS 10-14 (3) BPS1-10 (4), Construction of Boundary wall with razor cut wire, Implement Shed, Garages, Seed Stores, Installation of Turbine

Overall Targets

  • Developing zone specific varieties
  • Collection and maintenance of germplasm
  • Provision of quality seed to growers
  • Strengthening of Cotton Research in Southern Punjab

Targets 2023-24

  • Maintenance of cotton germplasm.
  • Raising of parental lines and hybridization for generation of 25 crosses.
  • Raising of 25 F1 in field
  • Evaluation of promising strains of different breeding centers in Punjab (PCCT).
  • Testing of advance lines of CRI, Multan & allied Stations
  • Testing of promising strains developed at different breeding centers in Pakistan (NCVT).
  • Seed Multiplication of promising adapted strains. 
  • Insect pest management of cotton sown at the farm area of Sub-Station.
  • Testing efficacy of different insecticides against insect pests.
  • Conducting Agronomic trials.
  • Picking of breeding material.
  • Ginning of PSS.
  • Fibre Analysis
  • Civil Works
  • Report Writing

Type and number of beneficiaries

  • Scientist of various institution of AARI Faisalabad
  • Farmers
  • Exporter

Expected impact after completion of project

  • After seven years, two climate smart varieties will be developed which will enhance cotton production 3 to 5 mounds/ acre. However, at the completion of the project, new Cotton Research Sub-Station will be available for development of cotton varieties particularly suitable for District Rajanpur and D. G. Khan.
  • Huge amount of revenue could be generated from increase in cotton production and its value addition. 
  • In Rajanpur, there is no production of basic seed by Public Sector and most of the seed being used by the farmers is uncertified. After completion of this Project, pre-basic seed for 2500 acres, basic seed for 1,00,000  acres fulfilling 30% of the total requirement of this district will be produced. 
  • The overall impact of this effort will culminate increasing yield of this district 2 mound/acre.
  • An effective and efficient research and Development (R & D) system will be developed to support the research for solution to research problems.
  • Provision of modern research infrastructure will boost the production of agricultural crops in the province