Establishment of Satellite Centre of BARI in Dera Ghazi Khan BARI, Chakwal

Duration 2019-20 to 2022-23 
Total Cost Rs.50.000 Million
Allocation in 2019-20 Rs.20 Million


  • Explore the production potential of various high value fruits and vegetable crops in diverse rainfed agro-ecologies with focus on sustainable rehabilitation of marginal lands 
  • Characterize local and exotic germplasm of various field crops for subsequent utilization in plant breeding programs to develop climate smart high yielding crop varieties. 
  • Training and capacity building of farmers, youth and rural women in quality seed production and nursery raising techniques

Physical Activities

  • Data validation from stakeholders and review workshops 
  • Conduct adaptability trials on high value fruit crops 
  • Research studies on high value vegetable crops 
  • Conduct zonal trials on field crops
  • Genetic profiling of existing fruit bearing plants 
  • Establishment of GPUs (Germplasm units)
  • Collection, maintenance and characterization of germplasm
  • conducting Preliminary/advance/micro yield trials
  • Standardize Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)
  • Development of Value-added products
  • Organize Field Days
  • Organize workshops/seminars/conferences
  • Conduct Training of Trainers
  • Capacity building of Univ. Graduates/ internees
  • Training of rural women for developing value-added products
  • Organize Training of Trainers on quality seed production 
  • Capacity building of nursery growers
  • Organize three National Festivals
  • Development of Institutional Website 
  • Publication of technology brochures/manuals/leaflets
  • Development of five professional videos of developed technologies
  • Integration of improved technological knowledge and production practices is existing Google apps
  • Advisory services to participating farmers

Expected Outcome

  • Demand-driven research identifies potential high value crops and production technologies.
  • The agro-technology packages address key production issues faced by farmers and other stakeholders
  • Potential varieties identified or process initiated for promotion of high value crops in southern Punjab
  • Awareness of the developed technologies created in the region
  • Skill development of farmers and other stakeholders contributes to increasing agricultural productivity and farmers profitability 

Contact Us

Muhammad Azeem Tariq 

Barani Agricultural Research Institute, Chakwal 
Mobile No: 0333-5770746