Establishment of Centre of Excellence for Olive Research & Training (CEFORT) at BARI Chakwal

Duration 2018-19 to 2023-24
Total Cost Rs. 318.665  Million
Allocation in 2023-24 Rs. 54.337  Million


  • Develop capabilities & capacities in Punjab for olive cultivation, management, post-harvest, processing and value addition/product development 
  • Develop & adapt technologies for development of olive sector in Punjab through on-station and farmer participatory research
  • Act as a repository of olive genetic resources and their management
  • Undertake socio-economic research in olive crop

Implementation Design


  • Govt. of the Punjab, Department of Agriculture


  • Chief Scientist Agri. (Research) Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad

Civil Work

  • Public Works Department, Govt. of the Punjab

Targets of the Project

  • Establishment of 3 state of the art research labs namely Olive Oil Quality Lab, Value Addition / Product Development Lab and Disease Diagnostic / IPM Lab
  • Conduct diagnostic field survey to identify issues of olive growers and other stakeholders in Punjab
  • Conduct olive adaptability trials in Thal and Southern Punjab including Cholistan
  • Develop and implement a demand-driven research program with provision for regular review by relevant experts
  • Establish linkages with relevant National & International R&D organizations
  • Establishment of olive multiplication blocks in private sector with technical support. 
  • Import of promising exotic olive Germplasm with DNA fingerprint/genetic profile
  • Organize training of trainers in olive culture 
  • Organize national olive festivals 
  • Organize conferences/ workshops/ seminars for knowledge sharing and dissemination
  • Extend advisory services to farmers and stakeholders including ICT tools

Type and Number of Beneficiaries

  • Olive Stakeholders
  • Scientists, Academia, Extension Agents

Expected Impact After Completion of Project

Establishment of CEFORT is basically a research project. After completion of the Project, a dedicated center to resolve the issues of olive stakeholders would be established.  The development of R&D solutions shall contribute to increasing edible oil production in the country through developing R&D facility in the local environment, develop Good Olive Production Practices for olive farmers, processors etc. develop capacity of olive farmers to ensure availability of olive service providers to local farmers, development of national and international linkages and ultimately providing scientific evidence for a vibrant olive sector.   

Contact Us

Dr. Muhammad Zaffar Iqbal
Director / Project Director
Center of Excellence for Olive Research & Training (CEFORT),
Barani Agricultural Research Institute, Chakwal
Phone: 0543-594499