Establishment of Centre of Excellence for Olive Research & Training (CEFORT) at BARI Chakwal

Duration 2018-19 to 2020-22
Total Cost Rs. 283.121  Million
Allocation in 2019-20 Rs. 100  Million


  • To develop capabilities & capacities in Punjab for olive cultivation, management, post-harvest, processing and value addition/product development
  • To develop & adapt technologies for development of olive sector in Punjab through on-station and farmer participatory research
  • To act as a repository of olive genetic resources and their management
  • To undertake socio-economic research in olive crop

Physical Activities

  • Construction of CEFORT 
  • Diagnostic Field Survey (No. of surveys)
  • Adaptability Trials (No.)
  • Stakeholder Consultations (No. of workshops)
  • Research Experiments /Trials (No.)
  • Establishment of olive multiplication blocks in private sector (No. of blocks)
  • Collection and Import of Olive Germplasm (No. of genotypes)
  • Organize Training of Trainers (No. 0f trainings)
  • National Olive Festival
  • Conference/workshops/seminars
  • Olive advisory services to olive stakeholders

Expected Outcome

Demand-driven research in olive cultivation, management, post-harvest, processing and value addition/product development addresses key issues faced by olive farmers and other stakeholders, so as to provide valid basis for increasing farmers’ profitability and sustainable sector development

  •  Potential olive varieties identified for future up-scaling of olive groves in southern Punjab
  • Trained olive Service Providers developed for private sector growth  
  • Capacity of private sector strengthened to produce true to type olive nursery plants and value-added products
  • Socio-economic Research guides farmers and other stakeholders for value chain connectivity and enhanced profitability

Contact Us

Dr. Muhammad Ijaz

Barani Agricultural Research Institute, Chakwal
Phone: 0543-594499