Development of Tissue Culture Lab. and Provision of Missing Facilities at RARI-Bahawalpur Horticulturist, HRS, Bahawalpur

Duration 2019-20 to 2020-21
Total Cost Rs.60.000 Million
Allocation in 2019-20 Rs. 30.0 Million


  • Establishment of lab facilities for tissue culture nursery plant production. 
  • Selection and evaluation of exotic as well as indigenous diversified Datepalm germplasm. 
  • Standardization of pre and post-harvest technology of Date fruit to meet the standards of high-end markets. 
  • Provision of basic healthy infrastructure of RARI campus and development of contamination free area of HRS

Physical Activities

  • Establishment of tissue culture lab.
  • Standardization of specifications of lab equipments.
  • Procurement of lab equipments.
  • Lab renovation

Expected Outcome

  • Rapid multiplication of the plants
  • Plantation of better quality plants in the area
  • Increase in yield and quality of farmers produce
  • Improvement in socioeconomic condition of farmers

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