Following are the research achievements of the department:

  • Developed 489 varieties of various crops since its inception in 1962. These include 83 wheat, 62 cotton, 27 rice, 25 sugarcane, 29 maize & millets, 31 pulses, 32 oilseeds, 65 vegetable, 105 fruits and 3 flower varieties
  • Self-sufficient in wheat, rice, cotton, sugarcane, maize, kinnow and mango as a result of high yielding varieties
  • Developing Pothowar into an Olive Valley: Free of cost distribution of 2 million olive plants among farmers
  • For promotion of date palm cultivation in Southern Punjab, provision of high quality date palm plants to farmers free of cost i.e. Ajwa, Amber, Mabroom, Khalas, Medjoul etc. 
  • Development of seedless kinnow and its distribution to farmers 
  • Research & development for promotion of non-traditional crops/high value fruits i.e., olive, grapes, stevia, kalonji, pistachio, blackberry, blueberry, avocado, cranberry etc. 
  • With reference to production technology, appropriate planting time, fertilizer regime, seed rate, sowing methods of new crop varieties and other technical aspects were determined
  • A large number of fruits, vegetables and cereals based value added products as well as low cost post-harvest management technologies have been evolved
  • Soil and water analysis facility to farmers at district level laboratories and fertilizer recommendation accordingly
  • Soil & water analysis of every field of Punjab & digital mapping
  • Establishment of Climate Change Research Centre & developing of climate resilient varieties to withstand in changing climatic scenario 
  • Initiation of research on organic farming & nutrition enhancement