Following are the main achievements of the institute:

  • Registered eleven (11) commercial mango varieties
  • Standardized potting media to raise mango nursery plants
  • Introduced trench technology to combat declining trees due to salinity
  • Improved canopy management technology through modified pruning and nutrition application strategy to produce regular crop and quality mangoes
  • Established integrated crop management (ICM) and Small Tree System (STS) demonstration plots in different mango orchards to get feedback of the prevailing issues
  • Introduced Macro Infusion System to inject fungicide into main trunk to combat Mango Sudden Death
  • Identified new mango diseases viz. Apical necrosis and Dandritic spots
  • Found polyembryonic varieties Bullock Heart and Carabao Lamao as tolerant root stock against Mango Sudden Death 
  • Published manual of Modern Mango Nursery Production 
  • Published manual of Mango Fruit Production Technology according to phenological stages of crop
  • Launched capacity building programs of industry stake holder, Agriculture Extension workers, Field Assistant and field staff of pesticide companies through training workshops, seminars, webinars and social media