Following are the achievements of the institute:

  • More than 90 varieties of fruits have been standardized and recommended for plantation
  • Compatible rootstocks of different fruits have been standardized
  • Propagational techniques of different fruits have been standardized
  • Standardized compatible rootstocks for different fruits
  • Standardized nutritional, Irrigational and other cultural practices/techniques
  • Hand date pollinator has been developed
  • Techniques of pruning and intercropping have been standardized
  • 12 strain of guava (Red Surahi, Guava selection 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11) have been selected from different areas of Punjab for further evaluation
  • 2 strain of Jaman (JS 1 and 2) have been selected for further evaluation.
  • 8 strain of pomegranate (PS 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8) have been collected with elite quality characteristics and planted in progeny garden for its further characterization
  • A-sexual technologies for production of true to type nursery plants of Guava and Jamun have been standardized
  • More than 12000 nursery plants of different fruits have been provided to the farmers
  • For control of the fruit cracking of pomegranate, a technology has been standardized by foliar application of the 0.3% boric acid+ 1% KNO3 during first week of June and first week of July along with better orchard management
  • 135 plants of nine exotic date palm varieties (Ajwa, Anbarah, Khudri, NabutSaif, Sagai, Khalas, Barhee, Shishi, Sultana) have been imported during 2015-16 and planted at Jhang and Bahawalpur for acclimatization study
  • 177 plants of 9 varieties (Mejdool, Lulu, Nemeishi, Raziz, Zamli, Ajwa, Khalas, Barhee, Shishi) have been imported
  • The technology has been standardized for drying of dates at 52±10°C for 60 hours
  • Fruits of fourteen varieties of exotic date were collected and their seeds were sown for the development of chance seedlings strains of date