Following are the services offered by the institute:

  • Testing of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) of any crop through Qualitative PCR in accordance to ISO-17025 standards.
  • Determination of purity of any crop variety based on molecular markers.
  • Varietal identification in various crops through DNA barcoding technique.
  • Verification of Hybridity status of seed through DNA markers.
  • Discrimination of Basmati Rice from non-basmati on the basis of molecular marker analysis.
  • Presence of disease resistance genes in our local germplasm may be monitored using published DNA markers.
  • Genetic diversity assessment may be carried out at molecular level for any crop to guide breeders in formulating their crossing programmes.
  • Disease free seed production of vegetatively propagated crops like potato and sugarcane through meristem culture.
  • Doubled haploid production in wheat to save time in variety development and to achieve instant homozygosity.
  • Preparation of mass inocula from the efficient isolates of above mentioned microbes, provision to end users for soil & plant inoculation for legumes, cereals and forages.
  • Dissemination of research findings to scientific & farmer communities and popularizing the technology for cost effective crop production