Research Initiatives of this institute with respect to use of latest tools of biotechnology are as under:
  • Development of crop genotypes through genetic engineering (genetic transformation), having resistance to pests, diseases, salinity, drought, heat etc
  • DNA marker development linked to biotic and abiotic stresses in field crops for use in molecular breeding to develop stress resistant high yielding varieties
  • Genetic diversity studies of major as well as minor crops (Pulses and oilseeds)
  • Single character correction of rejected but good productive genotypes of various crops through tissue culture technology
  • Instant homozygosity will be achieved by making wheat doubled haploids using wheat x maize crossing system for the development of new varieties in shortest possible time
  • Micro propagation in vegetative crops and orchids for disease free seed production
  • Exploitation of somaclonal variation in sugarcane for enhancement of sugar contents