GMO Testing Lab

Testing of Genetically Modified plants (GM) of any provided crop through Qualitative PCR in accordance to ISO-17025 standards.GM samples are tested for various known events (MON-531, MON1445, MON88913, MON15985, TC1507, MON810, MON89034 and NK603) and frequently utilized GMO Elements (CaMV35S Promoter, NOS Terminator, nptII marker gene) and quantification of Cry proteins of candidate Bt cotton varieties.

Tissue Culture Facility

ABRI has the state of the art tissue culture laboratories and controlled temperature incubation rooms. Tissue culture of crops like potato, tomato, brassica, wheat, rice, tobacco, sugarcane, stevia, banana date palm and olive has been established and protocols have been optimized. Disease free seed of important crops like potato and sugarcane is routinely developed and provided to growers. Tissue culture induced somaclonal variation isalso exploited in crops like wheat, sugarcane, riceetc for creating variation and abiotic and biotic stress tolerant plants.

GMO Development Lab

ABRI has stream lined the protocols and facilities for the development of genetically modified plants in various economically important crops like wheat, cotton and sugarcane. Synthetic genes like Cry1AC, Cry2AB, Round-up-Ready (RR) genes are being transformed in cotton cultivars. Whereasglyphosate tolerant GM wheat, sugarcane and brassica are also under development process.

Soil Testing Reference Lab

Soil bacteriology section at ABRI has the state of the art soil and fertilizer testing reference laboratory. Soil and fertilizer samplesfrom all over Punjab province are analyzed for various quality parameters.