Soil and Water Testing Laboratory for Research D.G.Khan

Pakistan is basically an agricultural country and is dependent upon the fertility of his soil .The continuous depletion of essential plant minerals nutrients by growing different arable crops have diminished their fertility status to a level where they could not produce profitable yields and as results which we have to spend a huge amount of  hard earned foreign exchange on the import of consumable goods    we have to boast up the yields of these crops being grown in the country either by increasing the area under these crops which is limited as a result of burden other cash crops which are utmost to earn more and more foreign exchange to release the financial sanction /burden being impost .Third possible approach may be the provision of favorable soil conditions facilitating plant growth even under conditions of low  fertility / high salinity by judicious use of essential plant nutrients. Another way to make the farming economical in low fertile soils is the improvement of growing conditions by balanced fertilization based on soil analysis.
The effectiveness of soil test, improved through the development of more consistent interpretation and more uniform recommendations originating from different laboratories will in future improve the food production , efficient management precise nutrients use with a minimum depletion in soil fertility level.
Dera Ghazi Khan District stretches between river Indus and Suleman Range and lies between 20.40 North and 70.75 East .The total geographical area of the district is 4.07 million hac ,out of which 2.36 million hac cultivated ,68.03 hac are under forest and the rest are either not available for cultivation or cultural waste .Out of the cultivated area 7,15,646 hectares are canal irrigated and rest are barren .The climate of district is dry with scanty rainfall .The winter is cold and summer is very hot .The annual rainfall in the district is meager.


  • Advisory service
  • To assess the fertility status of soils in the tract with the help of suitable laboratory tests.
  • To provide fertilizer recommendations for the economic crop production on the basis soil tests.
  • To control the salinity and alkalinity menace by the use of amendments on the basis of Soil test.
  • To analyze water for its suitability for irrigation purpose.
  • To analyze fertilizer samples for their purity. 
  • Research Experiments Samples
  • Soil samples from research experiment are analyzed 

Research Activities

Advisory Services

  • Site specific fertilizer/amendments recommendations.   
  • Reclamation of problem soils.
  • Monitoring quality inputs.
  • Improving (FUE) and Productivity through (IPNS).
  • Accessing water quality and nutrient status for advisory services to farmers.

Anti-adulteration Campaign under Fertilizer Control Order, 1973

  • Analysis of sample in the labs collected by the DOA / DDOA Agri. (Extension) 974.
  • Analysis of samples in compliance with re-analysis directions of Additional Secretary (TF) in appeal cases.

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