Establishment of Mango Research Station, Rahim Yar Khan

Duration 2021-22 to 2023-24
Total Cost 200.000 Million Rs
Allocation for 2021-22 40.000 Million Rs
Location  Khanpur, Rahim Yar Khan

Implementation Design

  • Recruitment of Staff
  • Development of building infrastructure & experimental research area
  • Purchase of instruments and machinery equipment
  • Execution of annual program of research work (APRW)
  • Production of clean mango nursery plants
  • Conversion of project from development to non-development side

Targets of the project

  • Development of new mango varieties especially suitable for Rahim Yar Khan
  • Development of code of practices for the individual mango varieties according to ecological region
  • Provision of clean mango nursery plants to mango growers of the region
  • Introduction of value added products of mango according to the market need
  • Preparation of variety based code of practices
  • Capacity building of mango growers to rehabilitate the old and senile orchards
  • Evaluation of exportable new promising varieties with desired traits
  • Introduction of variety specific pruning techniques
  • New varietal development through selection / hybridization
  • Provision of certified plants to farmers
  • Development of research based technology for value added

Targets for 2021-22

  • Release of funds for development activities
  • Submission of PC-1 to building department for building construction
  • Preparation of annual program of research work
  • Preparation and approval of specifications of all instruments/ machinery equipment
  • Recruitment of Staff

Type and Number of Beneficiaries

All the stakeholders of mango industries

Expected impact after completion of project

The successful implementation of this project will surely increase the yield of the mangoes in the area and export as well.