Provision of Laboratory Equipment and Field Machinery to Institutes of Research Wing of Agriculture Department

Duration 2021-22 to 2022-23
Total Cost 378.888 Million Rs
Allocation for 2021-22 100.00 Million Rs
Location  Punjab Province


  • Replacement of the obsolete machinery & equipment and purchase of new equipment and machinery
  • To provide safety to the institute’s assets.
  • To improve working environment for the research scientists.

Implementation Design

  • Laboratory equipment being used in the institutes of Research wing of Agriculture Department will be upgraded/replaced to enhance the testing efficiency of research Labs and execution of research experiments successfully in the field.
  • For this purpose demand has been obtained from all institutes and compiled.
  • Specification of equipment will be prepared, vetted and got approved from the competent authority.
  • Procurement of equipment/machinery and other items will be carried out.
  • Ultimately research trial using latest equipment/machinery will be designed to develop new varieties having high yield / quality and better tolerance to climate change and other stresses.

Targets of the project 

  • Availability of updated equipment machinery
  • Replacement of old non-functional equipment
  • Designing of new experiments
  • Improvement in currently running experiments
  • Improvement in quality of research work of the concern

Targets for 2020-21

  • Availability of updated equipment/ machinery
  • Replacement of old non-functional equipment

Types and No of Beneficiaries       

  • Research Institutes and Scientists of Research wing of Agri.Department
  • Farmers
  • Exporters

Expected impact after completion of the project 

An effective and efficient research and development (R&D) system will be developed to support the search for solutions to agricultural problems and ultimately agricultural productivity will be enhanced through providing solutions to problems of farmers through research